>Team Meetings 2010


That makes it sound so official, doesn’t it??? 
Last month, we had our first Affiliate Communications and Health Strategies Team meetings in over 2 years!  It was so great to get everyone together (some of us had never met face to face…or it has been so long that we didn’t actually remember ever meeting!)  The creative genius we have on our team is incredible…very energizing and empowering!
Jason and I hosted dinner for the Comm team the first night which was awesome 🙂 We love hosting, and the company was great, so it was a great night!  Here’s a shot of the party animals hanging out on the porch…
The following are some of the rock stars that helped plan our 3 day meeting…
Brooks clearly fits the part.  He almost looks like she should star in an 80’s movie, right?
Upstate New York Rockers, Amit and Kathy
David Day, without whom my experience in the meetings would have had much less insightful conversation!
Brenda – our CD from Maine – with her peer-nomimated integration award.  Seriously – she is one of the greatest people to work with (and not just because she’s on my team, either!)  Proof positive that a smile and a fantastic attitude will forge any relationship!
Vicki, who I just met, is driven to get the message across – she has some serious spunk!!
Allyson – one of the hardest working people I know – and she’s a blast on top of it all!  Clearly, she integrates like no other, and I love working with her!
The Big Hearts pre-dinner.  Its really fulfilling when the people you work with and for are so committed to the people and the work of the organization.  Passion for what we do it a common thread, and it makes getting up for work in the morning a great thing!
And of course, we bring it all back to saving lives.  Dr. Chuck Pozner, our Affiliate Board Chair, is from Boston, so he brought his friend, who just happened to collapse (and is a fully controllable CPR training dummy).  This is the end of the exercise, when he said he was alive, so that is why there are so many smiles and Angela looks psyched.  Luckily, if I go down, I am surrounded by people who know how easy CPR can be, and aren’t afraid to act!  Another day at the office – another life saved!  Nice work!
A phenomenal few days of learning, re-energizing, and connecting with colleagues from Maine to New Jersey, Buffalo to Boston.  Can’t wait to do it again…

One thought on “>Team Meetings 2010

  1. >Maura, great pics. You're right, it truly is a gift to work with a team of passionate, dedicated people – especially for you guys at the American Heart Association. It does MY heart good to know great people are working to save lives and spread the right messages about eating healthy, getting active, knowing CPR, and affecting change. Keep up the fab work. 🙂

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