>Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…


Sometimes, we all just need to get away.  The stresses of everyday – work, bills, family obligations, running the house, managing multiple schedules, etc. – while by themselves don’t seem to be too much…throw the upcoming holidays into the mix, and you may very well encounter some explosive women.  So…8 of us pack up for the weekend and head to the woods to avoid the messy potential of a minor breakdown…and it works!  We all get a chance to clear our heads, escape the craziness and negativity, and remind ourselves of all the good that’s waiting for us back home…at the very least – we have some great fun, laugh until our stomaches hurt, and hope the hangover isn’t to bad…

What a weekend!  Any time it starts with garnish in your shirt…

 Or bowls of love…

 You know that what’s coming is nothing but some harmless fun…

Here is the Mirror Lake Lodge – in the middle of nowhere, just what we all needed!
This weekend was perfect – We took turns doing things we don’t get to do often, at least on our own terms and time frame, while at home with kids, husbands and work!  I started reading a new book, made some jewelry, went for a hike…it was a little break from reality and it was perfect!
We started day one with a short hike – well, those of us who didn’t go running at the crack of dawn went for a hike!
 Diane, Nicole, Danielle, Joanie, & Lauren bundled up and ready for some fun!

 The girls getting up close to nature…

We came back and thought about taking out the kayak, canoe and paddle boat…but only DG and Joanie had the guts to brave the wind and get on the water…the rest of us headed into the roaring fire that Alycia and Amy had finally gotten going!

 Di on the dock…sticking her tongue out I think.  She does NOT like to have her picture taken…
Before a quick trip to the hot tub with the disco ball – and Amy’s personally warmed reese’s peanut butter cups – Saturday night started off on the right foot with a trip into town.  We browsed the 4 stores, and then stopped to restock refreshments at the gas station.  
**The same gas station that bragged, “You can’t beat Wayne’s meat.”** 
Need I say more???

Good quiet book/magazine time.  What was it, Parenting and People’s hottest man of the year? A good combo…
Personally, I started the Jennifer Weiner book I bought as beach reading this past summer.  Yup, its the end of November, and Thanksgiving is this week…but that’s ok.  I finally started it…
No real hangovers, and ready to head home!

Already looking forward to the next girls weekend!  The possibilities are endless… as long as we have hot buns fresh out of the oven, a roaring fire, hot tub, beer sign, and each other…add a little craziness…it is guaranteed to be a blast!
Thanks, Girls!!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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