Is that dirty?  
Coming back to reality is a struggle after such an incredible excursion!  This weekend, mom and I headed to NY to meet up with Kathy (my Mother-In-Law) and Shannon (my Sister-In-Law) at Aunt Chris’ house (Kathy’s sister) to then meet up with Janet (Chris’ daughter, Jason & Shannon’s cousin…you get the picture) to see Memphis in the City!  
We arrived on Friday night, got comfy, and Saturday morning headed out to catch the train from Katonah.  The photo snapping began!
Despite the signage, Shannon, the resident rebel, was in fact, smokin’.
We arrived at Grand Central station and met up with Janet at the clock.  It was totally cool to meet up with everyone on Pop’s birthday weekend at his train station.  Yes, his.  That’s what you get for being a legendary Station Master!
Here, the paparazzi (moi) managed to get a clear shot of the city girls in their city jackets!  They even smiled!!!
First drink of the day – Starbucks assorted lattes.  Clearly, the addiction is hereditary.
There are many amazing things in New York City.  Impressive architecture, crazy good people watching, fantastical theatre, food, fashion, etc.  But honestly…Pop Tarts World?  What about Veggie World?!?!  Can’t we try to get corporate america on board with healthy eating?  OK, I’ll step off the soap box, but this was kind of disturbing.
Although, don’t get me wrong, I am a reformed pop tart eater.  And frosted strawberry was my fave.
Mom & Me in Times Square…that is trouble waiting to happen.
Scratch that, THIS is trouble waiting to happen…
I think I’ve fallen for the City.  I’m not sure what it is about it. I actually never really liked NY, but the experiences keep getting better…
Finally – we arrived at the Shubert!  It definitely was award winning!!!
Awesome musical – the music, dancing, and the message – all amazing! 
Then, it was off to The View on the 48th floor of the Marriott Marquis.  The room spins.  Seriously, I get sick on teacups and tilt-a-whirls.  I had the signature drink “View From The Top”…I then stopped spinning while the bar kept going…
Capturing sunset and smiling faces!
A very happy Neeny!
Off to Carmine’s for dinner.  I have to issue a disclaimer.  I did not eat well on this little excursion.  But, everything in moderation, right?  And keep in mind, the following foods were shared between 6 people!!!
Nonna had been wanting to tell me how much she loved me all day!  Finally, it came out.  I am number one in her eyes!
Impromptu birthday celebration for Auntie Shannon – we ordered her the Titanic.  Oh my…
We all went down with the Titanic…
I had never seen Bryant Park before, at least not that I could remember.  So, I found a great spot for a date (Note: Jason, this is a hint.)  Drinks under heat lamps and then ice skating!  I like doing things that I’m good at…skating, that is.  We may never have a basketball date…
The walk back to Grand Central..we had some time to kill before the train, so the ladies got to strut their stuff!
And back where we started…
I liked the last message I got from NY – we should all lean forward…

What is your favorite girls weekend?

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