>Halloweekend 2010


Halloweekend this year has come and gone…Friday we missed the Horribles Parade by about 2 minutes…they started a bit early, but we managed to somehow appease two princesses and a yoda with pizza for dinner!
Uncle Brian had grownup of the afternoon locked up!
Cutest he is, yes.
While we were on Main Street for only a few minutes, the Belles managed to meet up with their friend Tiana! (Tara!)
We ran home after a quick stop at the Vin Bin, where the kids posed one more time while waiting patiently for dinner…
Fast forward to Saturday afternoon.  While waiting for our friends to come over, this little rodent (which is a nice term compared to what Nonna calls him!) scoped out the trick or treat scene.
Maddy, Lauren and Katie getting ready to hit the neighborhood with their sweet smiles.  Who could seriously give them tricks?
This is what it looks like when it takes 6 adults to herd 7 kids from candy stop to candy stop.  If you are curious to see what chaos looks like, give me a call.
Luckily, our brood was excited to come home and find just enough of our non-candy items to keep for themselves.  That made my night!  a) it meant that kids took the non-candy stuff and b) it meant that my kids wanted the non-candy stuff!!!
A note:  When you are shopping for Halloween candy to give out, consider something that isn’t totally loaded with sugar and please, for goodness sake, leave the gummy body parts like fingers and eyeballs on the shelf!  Those hit the trash as soon as the girls went to bed!!!
All the sweet stuff behind us, we headed into Election Week (and Uncle Sean’s birthday) armed with enough chocolate to get us through!
Here is a shot of Uncle Sean with his boss, Governor Deval Patrick, Beppo and Nonna. 

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