>Let’s Play Catch…

>…Up that is.  Where has the time gone?  It has been way too long since I’ve updated the blog.  A clear and undeniable admission that the Perfectionista is a bit busy.  But there is a faint little light on the horizon…dim, but its a light!

So…what’s been going on???

Last week started, or the weekend ended, with a trip to NYC for work!  The first Por Tu Corazon Health Summit was held by the American Heart Association and my colleagues assembled some fantastic panels!  Marcela Garcia, Editor of El Planeta and our newest Board member, Patti McKenna the Sr. VP of the AHA in Boston, Nicole Lucey, our Sr. Director of Community Health, and I headed down on Sunday night, met for dinner at Turks and Frogs, and then stayed for 2 nights at the Excelsior hotel.

We were well stocked for snacks during the drive.  Nicole’s fries smelled yummy….but I opted for monkey food.
I love being home after a trip…especially when the sunset is beautiful in the neighborhood!
Fast forward to Wednesday night…my contact at the Globe invited me and a guest to talk business during the last Celtics preseason game.  Jason was a bit late coming home from Nature’s Classroom, so Allyson Perron, colleague and sports fanatic extraordinaire joined me in the Globe’s Luxury Suite.  What a fun time – thanks Randi for inviting us!  While we were there, I did get some inspiration for halloween costumes…
Friday brought a chilly wake up….snow falling!
Luckily, it was only for a few minutes…then the sun came out and it was a gorgeous fall day!
That night, Jason and I went to his old roommate’s wedding.  Congrats to Eric and Jennie Lawson!  It was beautiful and we had a blast.  I wish I had met these friends a lot earlier…very fun group! Hopefully, we all get together more frequently.
And this brings me to yesterday…
totally got caught taking a cat nap with Emma on my in-law’s couch.  Its the perfect napping couch.
In between these captured moments, I have an amazing story to relay, but I’m going to separate it out into its own post.  Stay tuned…its worth the inspiration and life lessons you’ll take away.
Have a great Sunday!

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