>The Most Precious Pumpkin


Hello Perfectionista world…I have one of the greatest surprises for you this morning…make sure you yawn big and stretch because its going to be a fantabulous day! 
 Let me introduce you to Sal!!!
Salavatore Paul Discioarro
He is the most beautiful little red-headed Italian bambino I have ever met.
Huge eyes, adorable smile…he actually looks just like his Mom, my friend Kerry.  And if he’s lucky, he’ll have a voice just like hers, too! 
Sal and his parents, Kerry and Mike, came to visit this past weekend and do the New England fall thing.  First, on Saturday night Nonna made an amazing Italian dinner of veal and chicken cutlets and her seemingly world famous eggplant parm.  However, Kerry’s request was for all things pumpkin…
So we started Sunday with Big Daddy’s pumpkin apple pancakes and pumpkin coffee.  Then, we moved on to hot apple cider, cider donuts and pumpkin picking at Tougas Farm in Northborough. Emma was all smiles…
And super silly.  That hasn’t worn off yet…its Wednesday by the way…
Then, we had Miss Maddy Moody Pants.  We are in so much trouble…
Those eyes…I’m going to buy Daddy a baseball bat for Christmas to keep by the front door.  You can never be too prepared!
And back to more sillies…  I love these girls!
Man, that cider was delish!!!  The perfect drink for a gorgeous day – sunshine with a slight chill!
Even Sal had a great time!  Between snuggling with Mom and riding with Dad in the Baby Bjorn, he was a happy little guy all weekend!
I think we take this photo every year…and I think that Emma still believes that little pumpkins grow on trees!  I love it!
We found lots of pumpkins – some for seed making, some for carving and some for painting.  But the most perfect pumpkin we found, we had to send back to NY…
…with his parents.  Boo.
But, before they left, we chowed down on my new favorite cool-weather recipe, Moroccan Lamb Stew.  The whole family likes it (Beppo gives it 4 out of 5 Beppos…nobody’s perfect.) I just hope they don’t get sick of it before spring!
Happy New England Fall everyone! Its my favorite time of the year and I’m hoping it lasts a few more weeks!!!  
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