>The Leaf Peeper(s)


Sunrise at the Trapp Family Lodge is pretty cool…even before you can see the color on the leaves!
Happy Birthday to our little early bird!!! Looking like a true journalist…a bit skeptical!
…and silly!!!
We took the girls out for an early morning spin on their bikes.  Emma did really well for her first time!
So for the past three years, Jason, his sister Shannon, and I have run the Leaf Peeper races.  The first year, we did the 5K, the second, Jason and Shannon signed up for the half marathon, and I did the 5K.  However, because of a bad eyebrow waxing accident, Shannon ran as my seeing-eye partner in the 5K (love her!!!) and Jason did the half. 
This year, we all did the 5K with Janet, Jason and Shannon’s cousin.  Janet and Shannon have clearly been running, while Jason and I went into it cold.  After all, he did just get clearance to run after his shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago!  (so what’s my excuse you may ask?  I’ll get back to you when I find one…)

And away we gooooooooooo!!! (Janet was already way ahead of us :))
See, she makes it look super easy!
Next is Auntie Shannon…she also makes this running thing look like a breeze!
Pant…huff…gasp… I can’t even muster up the energy to turn my head and actually look at the camera!  And yes, Jason will always run for beer!
However, once its over…I’m all smiles.  I did it, and I beat my time from last year.  OK, that doesn’t say much, but I met my race goals: don’t finish last and beat my previous time for the race.  Oh yeah, and be alive at the end.  That one is key…
The kids made the best cheering squad ever!
The race crew!  What an awesome weekend!!!
So…What race should we do next?  Please send suggestions!!!
Thanks for reading!
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