>Where exactly do fairytales come true?

>I’m going to venture that, while we had a great time for the most part, its not at Storyland.  To quote Jason, “Its like if Disney had Carnies.”  However, it could be somewhere along the Kangamangas Highway.  Saturday was a beautiful day for an adventure with the girls.

So, while Emma and I checked out the facilities at the White Mtn. State Park, Daddy took a few photos. When I came out, I took some too.  Clearly, we liked the same tree…
Despite the gorgeous scenery, the best sights up there were still the ones I get to see every day!
Then we got to Storyland.  Anywhere a clown greets you…you should be wary.
Its almost like they knew how ill the twirly ride made me…silly glockenspiel. I now feel so badly for torturing Mary Beth and my dad on the Tilt-a-whirl at Whalom Park…mea culpa.
Waiting to drive!!!
“Look, Mom!  I can really reach the pedals….” 10 seconds later.  “That’s hard.  Can you get the pedal? I’ll still drive.”
Poor Daddy, crammed into that antique car.  Clearly, back in Henry Ford’s day, men weren’t 6’7″.
This little girl idolizes Cinderella.  Even the “fake” one at Storyland.
Thank God its a while before they’ll be off to prom.  But I still think a pumpkin coach would be inexpensive and creative 🙂
Apparently, the wind from the slow moving carosel was enough to mess up her do.  
Overall, we did have a great day, but after having been to Disney World, it can be challenging to see the charm.  Although I will say, it wasn’t that crowded for a gorgeous fall day, and the lines moved…so that was good.
On the way home, we made a detour by the Linderhof to take a photo for Nonna and Beppo.  Legend has it that the bar there was the infamous location that Beppo picked up Nonna…off the bar room floor.  Who really knows how it happened, but 35 years later, its still working 🙂
What’s the best fall road trip/adventure you’ve taken (or plan to take this year)???

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