>Perfect in Portland


Last Friday, at the end of a very long week, Jason and I packed the girls in the car and headed up to Portland, ME.  We met up with my mother-in-law, Kathy, on Commercial Street to do the car/kid swap. Yes, we traded our minivan with 2 kids and Murphy for her quiet, clean, Honda CR-V. Awesome!
So then, even though because of a long day and traffic we were an hour late for our dinner reservations, we headed over to Fore Street.  Jason picked the restaurant knowing that I would love that its fresh local food.  If you don’t get it by the end of the blog – we loved it.  You HAVE to check it out!
Since we were late, we had to wait a bit for “our” table to open up.  We sat in some comfy chairs in the bar area next to the windows.  I loved the wood and dark cozy feel to the nook-ish area.  A glass of malbec started us off…
When we were still there after 35-40 minutes totally enjoying each other’s company, and that of a sweet couple from North Carolina celebrating their 25th anniversary, we decided to order a bottle of wine to have with dinner.  Listening to the recommendations of the waitress and the bartender, we picked this 2001 Rioja Grand Riserva.  So good…
Our table was soon ready, so we headed up a few stairs to our quasi-balcony seating.  It was perfect – overlooking the symphony of action in the kitchen.
I was suddenly in love with the Veggie Humidor!  Check out the fresh produce behind the hostess stand!  Gorgeous and practical… I love it.
The atmosphere was so rustic and relaxed, and you knew you were in an amazing restaurant.  Everyone around us was enjoying their meals and more apparent was the time and conversation with their friends and loved ones.
So, to start, we ordered a roasted tomato and herbed goat cheese tart.  I have never tasted such flavor as in the freshly roasted tomatoes and the creamy goat cheese.  It was challenging to split it fairly…
For dinner, I ordered blue fish with black rice.  It had just the right amount of kick…but a little too much salt.  I think that’s because I take my job very seriously and have really cut out any additional salt…so even a little tastes like a lot to me now 🙂
Jason had the rib eye – and of course I stole a bite.  I think it literally melted in my mouth!
Then the decision – to dessert or not to dessert…HAH!
I love that they have a bite sized dessert on the menu…and we got the last one of the night!!!  Pear cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream.  Another one that was hard to split nicely, but so so so worth the sugar and calories.
We ended the night with 2 espressos…I can almost taste it again!
The food was so phenomenal that we didn’t even get through our wine – which we loved!  Luckily, Maine also has that cork and go law!
I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Neeny and Papa (Kathy and Steve – Jason’s parents) for making the night possible!  What an awesome 24 hours…we missed the girls, but it was awesome to put the craziness of life aside for some time to connect over an amazing dinner.
Breakfast the next morning was at Hot Suppa!  I am already looking forward to going back…they have a killer bloody mary!!!
Where should we go next?
What is your favorite destination restaurant???  

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