>Routine Schmoutine…


So, the Perfectionista has an admission…
Trying to find a routine that works for the school year is not going as perfectly as I imagined.  But, we’re getting there, and I have managed to make a healthy lunch and snack for Maddy every day.  I am super proud that Maddy actually said yesterday that I was the best lunch making mom.  So, even though I almost didn’t make it back from one drop off to bus pick up one morning, I guess its going well enough.  We’ll get there…

Tuesday…too early?
Emma’s first day…she is not accepting Maddy’s attitude for the day…she was psyched!
FINALLY – a smile.  It took this…
“Maddy, you can’t get on the bus and see Brian until you smile for me.”
No, Kristen, I’m not kidding!
By Thursday, we were ok!
And hopefully, the next 174-ish days are all smiles too!
Here is the question…and I need some suggestions!!!
What should I make her for lunch this coming week?  


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