>Family, friends, fun…

>I love long weekends!!!

Before this school week began, we had a great long weekend!  With a politically entrenched family, Labor Day itself is always a packed day.  It involves a parade…

That’s my big little girl (and Mary Beth, Mary Angela, Auntie Bridget, Nonna, and Beppo (his hand anyway)) marching with Congressman Jim McGovern (black polo on the right!)
She is my girl – no doubt!
With the parade comes good times with friends from near and far…
And good food…
healthier cupcake recipe, organic ice cream cone, store bought frosting…ok, they look cute.  They were NOT my favorite…
These on the other hand…
Allyson Perron’s famous lemon daisy cupcakes.  Those are marshmallows cut with wet scissors so they curl, a chocolate chip, and yellow sugar crystals.  OK – not healthy, but they were for a Labor Day cookout.  And I was short on time…and my assignment was cupcakes.  And I hated the taste of the first ones so much…
We ended the day with our friends from Japan.  It had been 4 years since Kaori had visited us…we were so lucky to have some time to catch up.  Jason sent his latest beer home with them…its become a tradition!
Hopefully, we’ll plan a visit to Japan in the next few years! 

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