>Busy Mom = Easy Dinner

>Got up early this morning to do some work before a morning meeting in Worcester…definitely needed this:

I let the dog out to do his thing, and poor Murphy…he’s getting old I think, and he’s starting to wander.  He’s usually really good about going out to the back or side yard, doing his thing, and coming right back.  Today, in the rain and my jammies, at 6:15, I had to search the neighborhood for him.  He was next door rallying their pug.  Very neighborly of us, Murph.  
When I got back inside, this is what I found:
“Good morning.  I’m doing your work, Mommy.”  

Coming home from work tonight, I was planning on stopping to get some fish for dinner.  But it was cold, rainy, and really, I just wanted to see the girls, put on my sweats, and start cooking.  My goal was to have everyone in bed early…its 9:40 and I think its finally quiet…

Ah, yes, the best laid plans…

But, for not planning this dinner, I have to say, it was delish!

Nonna went out to dinner with her friend from St. Clement’s in Somerville, Terry.  So it was Beppo and us Websters for dinner.

When I took a peek in the fridge, I found 2 left over hamburgers, one left over sausage, some baby spinach, some broccoli florets…all of which seemed like they would saute nicely with some olive oil and an onion.  I put them over soba noodles, and guess what?  They DID work well together.  No leftovers πŸ™‚  Kid and Beppo approved!!!

So, as a wise funny insightful man told me today (or was it yesterday?)…that I need to learn to just accept it.  I guess tonight, “it” was a random, unplanned dinner.  And, what do you know…it was still really good πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “>Busy Mom = Easy Dinner

  1. >A great mom like a great chef learn to adapt and work with what you got…obviously you have adapted well. A happy satisfied family…what mote can you ask for. GG

  2. >I think sausage makes any dish a great dish! A while ago I added a venison/cranberry sausage to a skillet lasagne recipe I found at Eating Well and it was fantastic!! Yay for sausage!! And yay for Emma beginning her 9 to 5 job at age 4 πŸ™‚ (cute picture!!)

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