>Bring the Boats to Dinner…

>I knew on Sunday that this week would be a long one, so I pre-empted my stress with some cooking!  We had tons of veggies from our Springdell Farms share, so I set out to use them early in the week (we pick up on Fridays).

This was part of Sunday night’s feast.  I say feast because it usually involves the 4 Websters, Nonna, Beppo, Sean (my brother, often referred to as Uncle Sean) and his girlfriend, Jessica (aka Auntie Jessica) — which it did this week.  So there is usually a huge Italian meal made by my mom, or I cook and its really a toss up.  This week was a toss up…
My dish: Zuke Boats and Stuffed Peppers
The boats are ready for stuffing!  I used 4 large peppers and 3 cute little jingle bell peppers.  So cute!
The stuffing was Kashi 7 Grain Pilaf, goat cheese, scallions, sun dried tomatoes, the zucchini insides, and fresh purple basil mixed with about 1T of olive oil.  I had made the Kashi on Saturday so that I had it to use when the time came.  Big thanks to Jody Adams, Chef and Owner of Rialto for introducing me to Kashi 7 Grain Pilaf.  It is super useful and sooooo good for you!
Big Peppa…
itsy bitsy peppa…
The big peppa was even better the next day, Monday, for lunch.  The microwave at work softened the grains I think I crisped a bit too much in the oven.
Question of the day…

What is your favorite whole grain and how do you use it?

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