>Cape Cod & Nantucket Part 2


Part 2 was our trip over to my new favorite place – Nantucket.  Our good friends the Glasers invited us to invade their vacation for a few days…and we happily obliged!  Thank goodness for kids who become friends with great kids…who have awesome parents!  Then us moms and dads get to have fun too!

So it all began with a ferry ride…

with a very loud horn…
but the excitement was too much for some to even worry about the noise!
I told Santa this was at the top of my list for this Christmas…
So, Laura and Duff are wonderful hosts – we had a blast.  The dogs got to play together, the kids didn’t stop whether it was running around the yard, catching the waves, digging in the sand, doing arts and crafts, or of course – eating ice cream at the Juice Bar.
The happy crew!
It gets better!  Nonna and Beppo took a mini vacation to Nantucket, too!  Its a small place, so we ran into each other a few times, but I don’t think we cramped their vacation.  Honestly, I think they have serious withdrawal whenever they’re not around the girls.  That makes me smile  πŸ™‚
But here is the best part.  The grown ups got to have a night out for dinner!  We went to Todd English’s Summer House.  And we ate outdoors, on the beach.  Well, right on the other side of the bushes at the beach.  Check it out!
Nice pic Jason!
Lobster corn chowder…
Shrimp cocktail…
Caprese salad…
Laura and I had saffron risotto with lobster, mussels, shrimp, and chorizo.
I’m not gonna lie, it was good, and I ate every last bite!
Jason had delicious fish tacos..
Duff was so far away on the other side of the table, I didn’t get any good shots of his food 😦  But I did have a bite of his Sesame Tuna appetizer…and it was amazing!
Here’s the best part…
Good friends…
fun times…
and time with those we love…
All in all, it was the greatest three days of our vacation – without a doubt!
Pennies at the Point.  See you next summer, ACK!
(and THANK YOU Glasers!!!)
Where is your favorite place to eat on Nantucket, and why?


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