>Cape Cod & Nantucket Part 1

>So, that first week back in the swing of things after vacation is over.  The pics from the new camera have been downloaded, and more importantly, the file sized reduced for uploading!!!  I am learning a ton about our new toy, but man is that thing complicated.  If you know of any good Digital SLR classes in MA, let me know!!!

Now that I have photos at my disposal, and have set the camera to take photos that are a smaller file, I am ready to blog.  I mean seriously blog.  This is also the weekend I get back on my cooking run.  I mean, really.  Although its stressful to manage cooking for a house of 6 with frequent guests, I discovered this week that it actually helps me keep the rest of my life’s stresses in check.  I missed cooking this week soooo much!!!

After I post this blog, and my oil change at Bernardi Honda is complete, I am picking up Jason at work and we’re heading to pick up our share at Springdell Farms!  Let the menu planning begin!!!

OK, so a little bit about the past 2 weeks in the Perfectionista’s life…

Remember that yummy meltaway from the last post, well, this is what the girls ate for breakfast that day at Bonatt’s in Harwich.  Blueberry Belgium Waffle with fresh blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream.  It was good.  Yes, I tried it.  I’m their mom.  I have to make sure everything is safe šŸ™‚
This was my delish breakfast – a poached egg, dry multigrain toast, cottage cheese and fresh fruit.
I had to make myself feel better about having a bite of the meltaway and Emma’s leftovers!
Somebody had blue blueberry tongue!
This is my 5-going-on-15 year old.  Eating her grilled cheese in Chatham at Chatham Cookware.  I LOVE this place.
This is the other Diva in Training.  Man, do we have our hands full…
Nothing like a little bit of sisterly love…
Stay tuned…next post:  The ferry ride to Nantucket and 3 days of bliss on my new favorite island!!!
Let’s start the commenting – What is your favorite vacation spot?

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