>Blueberry Breakfast Cookies


Good Saturday Morning!!!
So, I first have to share that my mini me thoroughly enjoyed part of her mommy and daddy’s Green Monster yesterday…

This morning, my little perfectionistas in training (poor things!) made blueberry scones with me – now named Blueberry Breakfast Cookies!  We took a recipe from King Arthur Flour’s website and modified it a bit.  We replaced the vanilla yogurt with plain non fat greek yogurt, the granulated sugar with sucanat, and the sugar sprinkled on top was turbinado.  We also used whole grain pastry flour instead of the unbleached white/white whole wheat flour.

They were absolutely delish – they passed the Beppo Test.
More on the Beppo test:
So my dad’s name is Beppo.  Well, its Joe, but instead of Grandpa, he chose Beppo.  In Italian, Beppone is slang for Big Joe, so Beppo it is!
Beppo is kind of set in his ways, and likes what he likes…mostly Fritos scoops, which I treat as the evil empire in our house.  Needless to say, embarking on our clean eating adventures was a bit of a challenge for him, but he has been a great sport and tried everything.  So one night at dinner, we were talking about some of the recipes I’ve been making/creating, and how some have been pretty successful (while others have not!), and the way I judge them is by Beppo’s approval.  So we decided that the recipes we post on Perfectionista Gone Mom should have some sort of Beppo Rating.  Like, “This recipe gets 4 Beppos!” 
Keep a look out for the official Beppo rating system…coming soon to PerfectionistaMamma.com!
If you haven’t already, please subscribe to Perfectionista Gone Mom and keep up with the latest healthy recipes and fun adventures!  See you soon!

One thought on “>Blueberry Breakfast Cookies

  1. Having tasted your Blueberry Scones, or should I say Blueberry Breakfast Cookie, on my first day at work during the Meet and Greet, I wholeheartedly give them a thumps up! I have decided to make them for Sunday Brunch, a tradition in our family. I will let you know how they turn out, I will be using Agave Nectar instead of sugar and also substitute plain non-fat greek yogurt in for the vanilla yogurt indicated in the recipe and a sprinkle of turbinado when I have them on the baking sheet. PS. I love your blog! You have wonderful ways to include healthful, tasty food on the table for family and friends and even in this case, co-workers. I appreciate that and I appreciate you! Stay joyful!

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