>Friday recap & a tribute to Pop

>Well, it has been a rather busy Friday!

Worked the first half, then got my hair did, then picked up our CSA share at Springdell Farms, brought it home, met Gloria from be:Spangled to go to the Gem & Jewelry Show to get some supplies for a few orders I have, then made dinner (a delicious recipe from Cooking Light’s latest issue – will go into this at a later date!), then packed the kids and car to go on Jason’s belated birthday sunset picnic, then to Kimball Farm for ice cream, now home to get some most needed rest!  PHEW.  Here is the photo recap:

Today at the farm I got a fantastic lesson on how to harvest and stagger my lettuce.  Now I know for next year!  Thank you! And stay cool!!!

Today’s large share from Springdell Farms.  So awesome!  And Jamie, I am praying for rain!!

We love ‘our’ farm!

Daddy’s sunset picnic dinner!

We got some sad news tonight that my husband’s grandfather passed away.   An amazing man, Pop Haley was the former Station Master at Grand Central Station in NYC.  The first time I met him, Aunt Chris had taken Jason and I over to see him and Nana.  I set the table for lunch, but forgot the napkins.  He kindly reminded me that his mother always gave him a napkin šŸ™‚  He always made me laugh…and that’s what I’ll remember about him.  A serious man, with a huge heart, and a sharp wit.  And, he loved to sing, especially the song about Madelyn…she’ll love that when she gets older.

Have a great weekend – and don’t forget to subscribe if you’re reading!  And thank you!!!!


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