>TGIF, Baby.

>So, I teased you guys by telling you I went to Popovers on the Square in Portsmouth the other day, but I didn’t post a photo of my delish breakfast until now…

Warm popover, maple butter, decaf apricot iced tea, and a fruit cup – which was really fresh fruit!
It was definitely what I needed after my drive up, and to get me ready for a productive day.  I will also say, Katy and I went back for lunch after our meeting with Seacoast Harley Davidson!  And…I took popovers home for the fam and our neighbors who just welcomed a new baby boy.  You have to share the love…
Today is Friday.  Thank heavens.  Seriously.  Short weeks are so productive, and exhausting at the same time.  Today is the first day of summer hours at work, so we work a little bit longer Monday thru Thursday, and Fridays we’re done at 12:30.  So, its a great opportunity for me to work from home, start my days early, and not have to fight the New England Fridays-in-summer traffic.  And honestly, I don’t have to worry about my curly hair going crazy in the summer humidity…my kids don’t care that I have wild hair on Friday mornings!  I love that I work for such an awesome organization!
So, to start my day, I had coffee (yay) and 1 egg plus 3 egg whites scrambled with some baby spinach.
Now its time to log on.  I will try to remember to post pics of today’s CSA pickup.  Maybe I’ll even take photos at the farm!  Stay tuned…
Everyone have a great day!  

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