>New stuff!!

>While we were in Maine this weekend we took our traditional pilgrimage to Freeport and I swear my husband’s “mother ship” – L. L. Bean.  God Bless Leon Leonwood Bean.

Both Jason and I got new lunch bags to transport our healthy clean lunches to work each day, and these awesome eco-friendly pouches for the insides – Snack Taxis!

My new bag – don’t mind the messy desk.  Its the end of our fiscal year at work and man oh man are there papers!!!
My snack taxi worked perfectly for my Ryvita crackers!
And with the flurry of papers, I only got to sneak in some crackers with a can of tuna mixed with about a teaspoon of mustard.  “Dessert” was an apple with almond butter…and my mid day snack was Chobani 0% plain greek yogurt with some organic granola.  Tomorrow, I get to start my day with a meeting at Popovers in Portsmouth, NH…so I am saving up for their awesome popover and maple butter!
Popovers will definitely beat this one!

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