>Maine Birthday Shortcake

>We made it back from the wilderness!  We had a great time, and as adventures in the woods with 6 kids under age 6 would have it…taking pictures of dinner kind of slipped my mind.  I was more concerned with making sure there were no nuts or tree nut products in the food, and that every kid ate their dinner and stayed hydrated!  That, and I tore my cornea taking out my contacts on the first night, so really, I couldn’t keep my eyes open to use the camera!  I was lucky to pull off cooking 🙂

Although I don’t have photos, we did make a salad with our Springdell Farms lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes, topped with some steak, also from Springdell!  Then, for dinner the next day we made our Springdell burgers, topped with goat cheese and avocado.  That is my new fave burger!  We also had grilled zucchini and summer squash (from Springdell) and corn on the cob – from guess where???  We love Springdell!!!

The real treat came, however, when we headed back to Jason’s parents house for his birthday, Neeny (his mom) had a treat in store for our girls – helping make homemade Strawberry Shortcake for Daddy’s birthday – Papa’s idea to eat local!

This is a hands on project and the girls loved it!
Here is the super delicious final product!
Happy Birthday, Jason!!!

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