>Ahhhh, Vactionland

>So here we go!  Off to Grand Lake Stream Maine…its a long car trip with two little girls, a yellow lab, and me who falls asleep easily in the car.  Sorry Jason!!!  He is the ultimate trooper 🙂

But, while we are relaxing with family and friends for a few days, we won’t have access to a mobile/data signal, or the internet.  So, while I will be cooking with my CSA products and other healthy goodies, I won’t be able to share it until Monday or Tuesday!  But – photos and tidbits about how to feed 12 adults and 12 kids (under age 6!), one with a nut allergy, healthy food while in the middle of the woods will be yours in a few short days!  Wish us luck!

Before we head out, though, I have to show you my reorganized pantry!  My Tupperware order came in and here are the before and after shots!  Look at all those whole grains, chia seeds, and other yummy things…all nice and neat!

and now…
Ignore the fact that you can see fluff in the front row.  My dad still thinks its a necessity when you have kids and there is only so much I can do.  Pick your battles to win the war…

Have a fantastic, well fed, and uber patriotic Fourth of July, and travel safe!


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