>Saturday night dinner with CSA highlights


After gathering 3 heads of bok choy from our CSA at Springdell Farms over the past 3 weeks, I decided to try to make a slaw with granny smith apples, an idea inspired by eatingwell.com.  Here is what is in it (and mind you, this is for 6 people):
*3 heads (on the medium-ish side) of bok choy, thinly sliced (from Springdell Farms!)
*2 granny smith apples, matchsticked
*1/2 large red onion, very thinly sliced into strips
*about 1 1/2 large carrots or 1 1/2c baby carrots, grated or shredded (first time I did this in the food processor – grating baby carrots by hand is NOT a good idea!)
*1 1/3c non-fat plain greek yogurt
*4T white wine vinegar
*4t honey (ours is from Springdell Farms from our first CSA week!)
*1t celery salt
**Combine first 4 ingredients in a very large bowl.  Set aside.
**Whisk or stir together well the remaining ingredients.
**Add to the large bowl with the veggies and combine well.
Here is ours:
And this is what I’m enjoying it with tonight:

On another note, Jason and I took the girls to their friends’ birthday party today which was a total blast!  The nicest family, and man can they throw a super-hero pool party!!!  Afterward, we took the girls to see Toy Story 3 (not in 3-D).  We all loved it!!  Awesome job yet again, Disney and Pixar.  I actually laughed and cried.  Yes, I cried when the mom said goodbye to Andy at the end.  Its that sappy mom gene…
Overall, a good day!  Off to enjoy our baked chicken with corn on the cob and apple bok slaw.  Have a great night!


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