>Disney Vacation Dining Recap

>Well, let me start by apologizing for the fact that I am a novice blogger…and I let my complete exhaustion of running around Disney World with two small children prevent me from posting at night.  However, I am attempting to quasi-redeem myself, while packing for our return trip, by letting you know how I did during our stay.

I will say, I was definitely on vacation, so my habits weren’t pristine, and I’m sure we’re behind in our Lucey-Webster Slimmer By Summer Challenge, but all in all, it was pretty darn good!

After that first night, I didn’t take photos of my meals.  Which I should have – because many of them were works of art!  OK, well some.  One, really.

On Monday, I started my day with a green monster – yes, Lord, the timeshare unit had a blender!  AMEN!!!  I brought fruit for snacks, lots of water (which still wasn’t enough), and we plugged through the Magic Kingdom.  We did stop for a late lunch, and I ordered a salad with grilled chicken.  Dressing on the side (which was Ken’s – yay hometown dressing with no HFCS!!!).  I have to say, I skipped all but 3 bites of the chicken, as I’m pretty sure it was mystery chicken.  And after watching Jamie Oliver’s first episode…eeeewww is all I can say.  But, hey, a salad isn’t bad.  And I have to give props to Disney – the standard sides for a kids meal are baby carrots and grapes.  And perfectly packaged to take with you to starve off tantrums!!!

That night we made grass fed burgers on the grill from Springdell Farms, along with a spinach, tomato and cucumber salad.  Delish, and totally replaced some of the iron we lost during the day!

Tuesday was pretty good as well.  Another Green Monster to start the day!  🙂  We went to see a new Marriott property (very nice!) and then hit the pool with the girls, before trying to go to Hollywood studios in the afternoon.  Pointless move.  Emma slept through it (save the Handy Manny, and Quincy and June autographs) and all the good fast passes were gone 😦  I honestly dont remember what lunch was…oh wait!  Tuna with mustard on whole grain organic bread.  Carrot sticks, low fat cottage cheese, and yogurt with fresh fruit and granola.  PHEW.

Dinner that night was out at Macaroni Grill.  I ordered grilled shrimp skewers with grilled vegetables.  And my fair share of red wine.  And since I haven’t had much of that lately…it was delectable!

Wednesday was a big day – and a bad one for eating.  We could skip over it, but lets just say that while it started with egg whites and all natural breakfast sausage, it ended with beer, chips, salsa, and delightful chocolate cake.  And I don’t like chocolate cake…

Thursday started with another Green Monstah – Goodness I love these things.  And a bit of bacon, but that’s not important. I added oatmeal on Thursday, but I need to find the secret to that one.  Maybe blend longer???  We hit Hollywood Studios first, then Magic Kingdom – and we were toast by 2pm.  However, we stopped for lunch before we really lost the girls, and I had a vegetable wrap.  It was healthy, and pretty tasty too!  And didn’t totally break the bank….AND, I got apples instead of fries.  Go Disney!!!  Oh, and ribs, sweet potatoes, and black bean, corn and tomato salad for dinner.  Not too bad.

Today was the last day of vacation.  It started with a princess breakfast where I had a half a bagel, a teaspoon of cream cheese, lox, yogurt with fruit and granola, a fork full of eggs, some yummy potato thing with cheese, and little nibbles of other things.  A California Roll in Japan at Epcot, a beer, a banana, and then it all went down hill.  We went to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue show tonight…they served pitchers of Bud Light Draft, fried chicken (I took off the skin at least), ribs (I only ate a little bit), mashed potatoes, and baked beans.  And Strawberry Shortcake for dessert.  Which Emma and I shared…and still didn’t eat half.  I think I actually laughed off the calories, so I’m not that worried!

But alas, tomorrow begins the decent into reality, and my return to work and a stricter diet, which hopefully will bring back my energy and feeling of general goodness!  Vacation has supplemented that for me, but reality beckons!!!


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