>Delish Quinoa

>My new favorite ingredient: Quinoa  

New fact of the day: Its a protein, not technically a grain. Huh! I am learning so much on this adventure – thanks, Tammi!  

So that you don’t make the same mistake I made and walk up to the nice Whole Foods staff and ask, “Could you tell me where I could find the “Quin-noah”? It is pronounced Keen-wah. Save yourself the giggling Whole Foods clerk episode!!!  

I also adapted this recipe – this time, from one of my new favorite cookbooks, Moosewood Restaurant New Classics.  

Here is what you’ll need:  
1c quinoa 
1.5T vegetable oil (I still like olive oil, but choose your oil) 
1/2 diced onions 
1t grated fresh ginger root 
dash of cayenne pepper (the original recipe also suggests 1/2 fresh green chile – minced) 
1/2t turmeric 
1/2t ground coriander 
1/4 ground cinnamon 
1/2 t sea salt 
1.75c water 
1/2c frozen peas 
1/2c dried, unsweetened cranberries (I added these for color and taste – love it!) 
2T fresh cilantro  

Another Quinoa fact: Rinse your quinoa first! Throw it in a strainer and rinse it under cold water. Also – I find these little things an have some serious static – so be prepared – they may try to fly away! 
*Warm the oil and saute the onions in a good sized saucepan.  
*Add the ginger, heat (cayenne or chile) and the quinoa – and stir constantly for a minute. 
*Stir in the spices (through salt), and stir continuously for another minute. *Add the water, bring to a boil. Cover and reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes. 
*Add the peas and cook for 5 more minutes – or until all the water is absorbed and the peas are edible  
*Fluff with a fork, and add cranberries and cilantro before serving.  

I love this warm, but its also great chilled. I will admit, I think I’m slightly obsessed with this dish 🙂


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