>Favorite Breakfasts

>Good morning!

Right now, I am contemplating what to eat for breakfast.  I am going back and forth between my newest staples:  Steel Cut Oatmeal or Veggie Eggs.  In case you are in the same boat – here is how I wake up during the week:

Sweet Wholesome Irish Girl
1/4c Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats
3/4c water
1-2tsp pure Maple Syrup/Honey/Agave Nectar
A dash of cinnamon
Fresh fruit

Boil the water in a small sauce pan and add the oats
Turn down heat to simmer and stir frequently, cooking for about 7 minutes
Stir in 1T of your preferred sweetener – using only as much as you need/want – an cinnamon
Serve with fresh fruit (I love bananas, blueberries or apples)

Veggie Eggs
1 whole egg
2 egg whites
1/4c sliced baby bella mushrooms
1/4c fresh basil, torn
1/4c diced tomatoes
1T goat cheese

Heat a small frying pan over medium heat
Mix together first 5 ingredients
Coat pan with cooking spray, or olive oil in a spritz container
Add egg mixture to pan, in either omlette form or scramble it
Cook until almost firm and veggies are warmed through, add goat cheese

PS – its cold and rainy today – so oatmeal is calling my name!


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