>A new week – kinda

>Hello again!  Its Saturday, which for me means the day when I plan my food lists, weekend errands, and activities to keep the kids active and happy for our days off!  Kind of like a new week – for my kitchen!  Its been a different week as Nonna and Beppo have been on a well deserved, although not so relaxing vacation, and I’ve been still cooking healthy foods – but its been a little grain heavy…and I think we’re all feeling it!  I’m not excited that Jason and I feel like sludge, but I’m happy that we’re noticing the differences – it means we’re making progress, right?

So, in my efforts to find recipes for inspiration – to either try or adapt – I have discovered Delicious Wisdom.  Its a great site with lots of fun clean recipes to try!

I also wanted to share that I have found another site to track my/our journey of healthy eating/better living.  Its www.wellthen.org.  You can find my stories there as well – probably a bit different so you don’t get bored!  Just look for perfectionistamamma there and we can journey through this fun experience together!

Check out the recipes that will follow this weekend!


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