>Welcome to my blog!  This is where you’ll find all sorts of stories and snip-its from my life as a Perfectionista Gone Mom.  I’m a mom of two beautiful girls, a wife to a super-husband, co-master to the best yellow lab (Murphy), and daughter to my awesome parents – and by the way we all live together.  I’m also a sister to very talented siblings and auntie to the sweetest little boy.  I have a full time job that I love, own a small jewelry business, and am trying to live the healthiest life possible.  I am determined to get my family to eat healthy and sustainable foods – real food – and I love yoga…and running when I can keep up with it.  Coincidentally, I am on a healthy shopping and cooking streak – I love it, but its a challenge to get it all done.


So, my colleague has a blog that has totally inspired me – Vegetarian In Pink.  I love it and it made me realize that I wanted to have a place to share my adventures in getting it all done – or trying to anyway.  My inner perfectionista often takes a back seat to the to-do list – but it makes for a constant adventure and  that’s become alright by me!

Here you’ll find some of my recipes, funny mom stories, new jewelry creations (if I ever get to them!) and other stuff that the adventure brings.  Who knows…maybe something on here will be useful to you!


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